Summer Leadership Training Powerpoints

Thank you to all that came out for our Summer Leadership Training!  We had a great attendance!   Thank to Kaye Jackson, our Associate Director of Events for organizing this event and to all Board members and presenters.  If you could not attend, our goal is to get all the workshops posted here on this page.

A is for Advocacy

For more information, click on the Advocacy Page.



MemberHub Basics

All the flyers can be found on the Membership page.

WEPR MemberHub Basics


This workshop covered the Reflections program, PARP Program and Awards.   For more information, click on each one to go to their WEPR page.

WEPR Programs on the Go!

Treasurer’s Workshop

Check out additional forms and resources on the Treasurer’s Info Page.

WEPR SLT Treasury Workshop2018-19 v2

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