New President Check List

Welcome to the Westchester East Putnam Region PTA Family!

Here’s a quick monthly checklist for our new Unit Presidents.


  • Check that the following has been done:
    • Outgoing President has filled out the Annual Officer Contact Information Form (Form A) with the new board information in MemberHub portal.
      • Info needed – Name, PTA Office, Address, Phone Number and Email.
    • Check that Insurance payment has been made.  (See June for instructions.)
    • Check to make sure that final membership payment was made in May.
      • If not paid, make the final payment as soon as possible.
    • Check to make sure that the 990 confirmation tab was filled out in the MemberHub portal.
    • Check to make sure that the Old Treasurer add the New Treasurer information to Stripe in MemberHub portal.


  • September – Attend WEPR’s Virtual Leadership Training


  • October 31st – Submits FIRST payment of dues of no fewer than 25 members to the New York PTA State office. PTA units need to have 25 members to be considered active.
  • Each unit and council should be represented by at least one (1) delegate at the Region’s Annual Meeting Fall Conference. The delegate’s fee is a legitimate PTA expense for the unit/council.


  • November 15th – Submit required tax information (990 form) to IRS each year.


  • May 15th – Date recommended by NYS PTA to hold elections each year.
  • May 31st – Final membership payment is due for the fiscal year. All members MUST be entered into the membership portal before the final payment deadline.
  • May Date TBD – Each unit and council should be represented by at least one (1) delegate at the Region’s Annual Meetings Spring Conference. The delegate’s fee is a legitimate PTA expense for the unit/council.


  • June 1st
    • Pay required annual New York State PTA Insurance directly to the insurance company (AIM Insurance). PTA meetings and events should not be held without an insurance certificate. AIM –  – Phone 800-876-4044
    • Have annual audit of all financial records which should be started no later than the June 1st deadline and completed before the new fiscal year begins July 1st.
  • June 15th – Deadline to submit the Annual Officer Contact Information Form Online in Memberhub (Form A)

Monthly Items

  • Have all new members entered into the NYSPTA MemberHub portal each month throughout the full fiscal year from July 1st– June 30th
  • Make membership payments monthly. Payments are made via ACH in the MemberHub portal.
  • Prepare Monthly reconciliation of treasurers books –keep copy of record in treasurer’s notebook and the president’s notebook

Additional Items

  • Have current Bylaws, approved by New York State PTA, updated every (3) three years
  • Pass on important information to your members from NYS PTA and WEPR on education issues.
  • Check out the Awards, Reflections and PARP (Pick a Reading Partner) programs for your unit.


  • WEPR Advocacy Breakfast – Spring
  • Attend NYS PTA events – WEPR does have a limited amount of scholarships available
    • Family Engagement Conference
    • Leadership Conference – September
    • NYS PTA Convention – November
    • Legislative Summit – Spring  


Leaders can find more information at  Contacts for Region Board Members and PTA information can be found there.

Under the Leaders tab at

You are not in this alone!  Your region board is here to help you through any circumstance.  If they do not know the answer they can rely on their NYS PTA counterparts. 

Contact WEPR board members at

Check out our website at

Downloadable Presidents Check List

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