Unit Resources

WEPR Board

In the North, the AD is Rachel Fenty wepradnorth@gmail.com

In the South, the AD is Michelle Balachandran – weprassociatedirsouth@gmail.com

In the East, the AD is Elizabeth Rotfieldwepradnorth@gmail.com

For bylaws issues, Josephine Cianciulli is the Region Bylaws Chair – weprbylaws@gmail.com

For membership issues, Karen Collura is the Region Membership Chair- weprmembership@gmail.com

For reflections, Mireille St. Armand, Reflections Chair – refelectionswepr@gmail.com

For treasurer issues, Sophia Wu is the Region Treasurer – weprtreasurer@gmail.com

Our Region Director (RD) Beth Sniffen is also a great resource for help – westchestereastputnamrd@nyspta.org

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