Add Officers (Form A)

Annual Officer’s Contact Information Updates

The process to add Officer’s contact information is an online process in MemberHub. Any outgoing or officer continuing in their role can login to their MemberHub Admin Console area and use the ADD OFFICERS button to update all the officers for the new school year after elections are held.

Step by Step instructions are available here – Add Officers videos

To add an officer in Memberhub:
  •  Sign into MemberHub
  •  Click on Compliance (left hand side)
  •  Officer tab (center) then Add officer (make sure the school year is correct)
  •  Choose title (Pres, Co-Pres, etc). If you have co-presidents; one is entered as president and the other as co-president
  • Enter email (if in system already in system, name will pop up), name and mailing address
  • Organization Admin – choose yes if they can make changes to Memberhub
  • Hit save

If you prefer, you can complete the Add Officer form (formally Form A) (instructions for the paper form available here) and then email or mail the completed form to your Region Director by June 30 or as soon as elections are held.


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