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Courtesy of the NYS PTA website

NYS PTA Resource Guide

The most recent edition of the New York State PTA Resource Guide is available below for your use as a PTA member.

Our purpose is to make it easier for all members to have access to information about NYS PTA and the guidelines associated with its operation.

The Resource Guide is presented in sections and can be used as separate guides.

The information is broken down in this manner to facilitate any printing or downloading that you may choose to do. You may print and copy any of the pages, an entire section or download and save the entire document to your personal computer or thumbdrive.


National PTA has all sorts of webinars to help you learn how to run a PTA.  Click here for elearning courses. You can learn about different aspects of PTA in your own home and on your own timing.  Webinars are various lengths of time.   Most are under 40 minutes long. There are webinars on:

  • PTA Basics
  • Board Basics
  • Parlimentary Procedures
  • Planning Your PTA Year
  • Local Unit President
  • Local Unit Secretary
  • Local Unit Treasurer
  • Quick Guide to Taking & Approving Minutes
  • Budget Basic
  • 501 (c)3 Basics for Local PTAs
  • Preventing Theft
  • Membership Basics
  • Effective Advocacy for your Child
  • Reflections Leader Training
  • and many more.
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