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A PTA resolution is a main motion that reflects a position adopted by the voting body of the association on an issue, situation, or concern that affects children and youth. Resolutions serve an important purpose in that they formalize a position through research-based evidence and direct member action on various important and relevant issues. Since PTA’s first convention in 1897, New York State PTA has adopted state resolutions and supported national resolutions on a wide variety of education, health, and safety issues. Any unit, council, region may submit a resolution for consideration by the New York State PTA Resolutions
Here are the Resolutions all PTA units/Council/Regions should look at and vote on during their September/October meetings.  These Resolutions will be voted on at the NYS PTA Convention in November.

PTA Units are invited to write and submit PTA Resolutions for consideration.

The Resolution Process:
New York State PTA members research important issues and bring the results of that research and the need for programmatic, regulatory or legislative actions to the attention of the Resolutions Committee in the form of proposed new resolutions. Submissions of resolutions are due to the NYS PTA office by April 15th of the convention year to be considered.
In June, the Resolutions Committee meets and examines newly proposed resolutions as well as resolutions due for reaffirmation. The Committee conducts further research and determines which resolutions ought to be recommended for approval by the Executive Committee. Upon approval of the Executive Committee, resolutions are then moved forward for consideration by delegates to the annual NYS PTA Convention in November.

How to Write and Submit a PTA Resolution. Click on the documents below.



Advocacy_Resolutions_ResolutionChecklist2012 (1)




Deadline Date: April 1 

Adopted resolutions may also be found in the “Where We Stand” document, which provides a complete history of current NYS PTA positions. Members who are interested in submitting a new resolution will find further training in the process at the annual Resolutions Workshop at Convention and the Resolutions Table Talk at the Legislation/Education Conference.

Advocate for your district needs when talking and meeting with administration and with local and state elected officials!
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