Heroes in Education

Due to COVID, WEPR PTA has not been able to hold its annual Spring celebration: WEPR PTA Heroes in Education. 

Through this epidemic we consider all of our teachers, administrators, board members and especially our parents, guardians and students as heroes in education.

Meanwhile, below see the 2019 WEPR PTA Heroes in Education.

WEPR PTA is proud to announce the

2018-2019 Spring Conference


Danielle Marcaronio 3
Danielle Marcaronio

Danielle Macaronio, Hendrick Hudson School District ~ Furnace Woods Elementary School

Danielle’s commitment to special ed students in Hendrick Hudson schools is awe-inspiring. She goes above and beyond for all of her students making sure they can become optimal learners in their environment. She takes the time to get to know all of her students’ needs. She was a hero to my son and all of her other students.

corrina kerber3
Corinna Kerber

Corinna Kerber, Yonkers Public Schools ~ Montessori School 27

Corinna has united the Montessori 27 with unique family fundraisers, assemblies, and events, hosting over the top themed book fairs, Muffins with Mom, & Donuts with Dad, in addition to maintaining a full greenhouse and outdoor salad garden.  Students have interactive activities in learning horticulture.  While balancing PTA duties, working as a teaching assistant, Garden Club President, and Girl Scout Leader, Corinna is a special part of the community and school hero deserving of recognition.

tasha brown 2
Taishia Brown

Tashia Brown, White Plains Public Schools ~ Ridgeway Elementary School

Tashia Brown is a true everyday hero. As the principal at Ridgeway, she prioritizes every child above all else and strives to foster a caring community of acceptance, love, and excellence. She cultivates a culture that values all–families, staff, and most importantly, each child.

As a given, Tashia sets and maintains high expectations and rigorous learning standards for the school. Yet, Tashia’s engagement extends far beyond curriculum by creating an environment that appreciates and advocates for all children–spearheading global culture day, Dr. Seuss reading day, encouraging students to highlight their talents and joining them onstage at the Talent Show, creating a wellness committee, and leading a new “inclusive play” playground. She is always ready with a hug and a hello for each of her 624 students. Tashia’s leadership has ensured that Ridgeway School nurture’s our children’s intellectual and moral development and will have an impact on lives and society for years to come.

Dr. Edwin M. Quezada

Dr. Edwin M. Quezada, Superintendent of Schools, Yonkers Public Schools

Yonkers Superintendent Dr. Edwin M. Quezada’s passion for education and drive to continually improve the educational programs for Yonkers 27,000 students has been outstanding. His focus is on the children. The financial skills he has brought to his position have guided the District through its yearly budget crises. He works collaboratively with the YCPTA, parents, State, and local legislators and the local unions. Under his leadership, the Yonkers School District has had an 86% on-time graduation rate which is the highest among the Big 5. He has shown his leadership skills by working collaboratively on My Brother’s Keeper (MBK) with the Mayor of Yonkers, and the Nepperhan Community Center. MBK aims to close the opportunity gap for boys and young men of color through mentoring, academic preparedness and emotional and social skill building.

bonnie gordon
Bonnie Gordon

Bonnie Gordon, White Plains Public Schools ~ Ridgeway Elementary School

Bonnie Gordon is one of a kind. She is an amazing leader, mother, mentor and PTA President and Vice President. She inspires all parents to step up and support our students and teachers. Mrs. Gordon has organized and led countless PTA parent and student events, she stepped in the very last minute to organize and direct our school-wide Talent Show. She never fails to rally the school community to support our students with time, money and energy.

tricia zarro
Tricia Zarro

Tricia Zarro, Dobbs Ferry Union Free School District ~ Springhurst Elementary School

Tricia Zarro sees each student as an individual and recognizes each child’s potential. She then helps these children reach that potential by pushing them towards it each day through classwork, play and in the way she interacts with students. Tricia also teaches beyond academics. In her classroom, everyone is embraced for their uniqueness and she empowers her students to help each other and see each other as valuable members of the classroom. I have seen her fight hard in CSE meetings for putting things into place that a student needs to be successful in the classroom. I have seen her speak up at BOE meetings explaining (and teaching the adults in the room at that time) about a program being put into place in the school that teaches students about understanding, empathy and embracing our difference. She truly is a gifted teacher who changes the lives of students every day.

WEPR PTA is proud to announce the

2018-2019 Fall Conference


Nnenna Akoma-Ononaji

Nnenna Akoma Ononaji, Yonkers Public Schools ~ Yonkers Special Education Parent Teacher Association (YSEPTA)

Ms. Nnenna Akoma-Ononaji is a champion of the Yonkers Special Education community. She spearheaded and started a new chapter of the parent-teachers association known as the Yonkers Special Education Parent Teacher Association (YSEPTA) to focus and parents of students with special needs. With this newly formed organization, she created a team of parents to help her with the objective of educating parents on how to navigate the Yonkers educational system. This is done through monthly parent workshops, Educational events, community events, IEP meetings with the parents and Yonkers DOE, discussion and support groups and help with any and all issue pertaining to special needs community.  She has dedicated herself  and continues to be a beacon of support and hope for these little voices, the students whom are better off today because of this work.  Due to this hard effort, she and her group deserves to be nominated for recognition.

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